First WhoWho Meetup Event

Technically this is the second, but since the first wasn’t on Meetup directly, I won’t count it in.

I decided to create a group for travel loving girls. Just to start off with something. Don’t worry boys, I’ll do something for you, too. Ideas?
And within less than a month, we hit already 100+ members! ¬†Yeei! ūüéČ

I asked everyone to bring their “funniest travel story” and I was not let down. We hadso much fun and even more food and drinks.¬†ūü•ā

It was great fun meeting all you lovely travel ladies! Can’t wait to meet you again. And because it was such a success, I have decided to proclaim July as Rooftop Month!¬†‚ėÄÔłŹ

rooftop london meetup event - whowho travel app

Shoreditch House

– London rooftop views
– Pool and restaurant
– Members’ guests only

Need I say more?
Only 10 spots!

Waiting List

rooftop london meetup event - whowho travel app

Roof Gardens

– Spanish garden vibes
– Free entry & drinks
– Turns into a club

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What To Do In Orlando?

Number 3 of the¬†“What To Do In … ?” – Series .¬†There is so much more to Orlando than just theme parks!


Let’s start with the things which aren’t exactly a typical theme park attraction. I’ll list the¬†parks for you further down anyway though.

    • It is part of the i-360 theme park and gives you a spectacular view over downtown Orlando. It will take you up to 122m (400ft) high!

      TIP: There’s free ground level parking behind the Eye, right off ¬†the Universal Blvd.

    • If you go to Florida and don’t go on an airboat right, you didn’t do it right. ūüėČ
      Enjoy your ride of up to 56km/h (35 miles per hour)! Racing over the water surface you’ll get to see plenty of nature and native wildlife. Make sure to wear sunscreen!

      TIP: Book ahead of time and maybe consider a later tour to enjoy the sunset and beat the heat.

    • Rainz day? No problem! At WonderWorks you can experience hands-on science exhibit, which make it very fun to explore. Parents might appreciate the learning experience for their kids as well!

      TIP: The best time to visit are early in the day on weekdays.

    • Full of rare items and incredible objects. Go have a look at the world’s largest tire or an danti-gravity pool table! Or you can go for admiring an authentic vampire killing kit – up to you.

      TIP: Visit early to beat the crowds and get the most of your experience!

    • This dinner show is very family oriented and includes a whole dinner with ice-cream as desert.
      It is an interactive dinner with magic tricks, acrobatics and lots of laughter for the whole family.

      TIP: Call and reserve upfront!

    • This attraction won 2015’s TripAdvisor Hall of Fame Award! It’s not¬†just mini golf! You can explore caves, play basketball, feed alligators and even go mining for gems!

      TIP: Go with enough time on your hands! Sooo much to do there!

    • If you want to get a really good feeling for Everglades’ nature and animals, then this one is a must for you. It’S wildlife preserve and theme park in one. Make sure you see the rare¬†“white” alligators”!

      TIP:¬†Don’t forget the sunscreen! Since there’s a waterpark for kids inside, bring appropriate clothes for them.

    • Not directly in Orlando, but just an hour to the east, near Titusville, you’ll find the Kennedy Space Center. A great place to spend the day! You’ll see a lot of exhibitions but also experiences like the¬†Shuttle Launch Experience.


Fine! Theme parks. You won’t get around them in Orlando. Here my TOP 5:

    • Yes, Disneyland. The king of all theme parks!
      No further explanations needed.
      (Choose from six different fantasy lands! Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland and Main Street!
      TIP: Don’t miss the haunted mansion!)
    • Voted world’s #1 theme park in 2015 and 2016 by TripAdvisor reviewers! It’s the ultimate experience when it comes to rides and attractions.
    • Combining Disney and Hollywood? Great idea! Make sure to check out the spooky Hollywood Tower!
    • Because you need these water parks when it’s warm! Not just for the little ones. You’ll find great rides for everyone!

    • Can’t make this Safari trip this year? Go feed some giraffes in the Animal Kingdom.

What’s you favourite thing to do in Orlando?

Safe Travels!

What To Do In San Francisco?

Another question of Most Googled Questions Of 2016. Good that I used to live there. So now you get first-hand recommendations on what to do!

I never realised how much you can do in this 7×7 area of San Francisco… Since this will be a long one, feel free to jump what you like most!


“Hidden” Places




Let’s start off with the classic:

Alex in San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge - California


This could¬†will become a very long one… bare with me! It’s worth it –¬†pinky promise!

    • Walk across it. Cycle across it. Drive across it. Whatever you do – cross it. And take pictures while doing it and also before/and after the crossing. Here are the top 5 spots to take pictures of the bridge!

    • It’s very iconic and we’ll get to it later in the food section!
    • This is one of the places you either love or hate. But to decide you definitely have to see it at least once. Many people will recognise it from movies. I recommend to book tickets in advance, as especially the¬†“night tours”¬† tend to sell out in advance.

    • You just¬†have to¬†see it when visiting San Francisco. It is so iconic and fun to drive down. Yes, you can drive in one direction only! The view from up there is fantastic.
    • If you want to get the complete historical experience, then the cable cars are a must do. But keep in mind that they are quite pricey and most of the times really packed. One ride is 7$ – so definitely see it as an attraction and not an actual form of transport.

    • This place is just beautiful. Not only the buildings are impressive by themselves. They also happen to be located right at a little pond where you can also find some swans peacefully swimming around. A very serene place with history.
      • A beautiful place, especially breathtaking on a sunny day! It’s also surrounded by great hiking trails. There is also a cave to explore with the ocean rushing in and out.

    2. PIER 39
      • Go watch the sea lions! But hold your nose closed!¬†As much as it’s nicer to visit them on a sunny day, that’s when most of them turn up to sunbath, it’s also the day they smell the most.
        Other than that, there are lots of food places with nice views. Close by is also the Aquarium and lots of souvenir shops, of course.
    Back to top¬†‚ÜĎ


I’ll call it hidden places, because they’re not the main things to do in San Francisco and also not that easy to find. Though you might stumble across some of the decorated staircases by accident!

Here are some of the best, combining it with a bit of sightseeing as well:

    • It’s not too far away from the earlier mentioned Sutro Baths and could be easily combined with it. What I actually did. It was a great day full of amazing views!¬†
      There are so many beautiful trails around this place! The place itself is like a¬†“labyrinth”¬†of stones and offers you a great, though distant, view of the bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.

    • YES! Climbing staircases is actually a fun(ish) thing to do in San Francisco! There are so many of them because of all the hills. So they decided to decorate a lot of them beautifully!¬†You’ll find tiled ones for example. My favourite one: the Filbert Steps¬†starting at the Coit Tower! Like a mini jungle with view over the¬†totally underrated¬†Bay Bridge.
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Parks. Everywhere. Let’s narrow it down to these 3:

    • This park is massive and has so much to offer, that it actually needs an own post dedicated to it. Some highlights are definitely the¬†Conservatory,¬†the¬†Japanese Tea Garden¬† and¬†lakes.
      Check out the handy map I linked for you!

    • You’ll get iconic views of both, the Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge! It’s sprinkled with picnic tables, beaches and marsh overlooks. Make sure you pick a sunny day.

    • The perfect starting or end point for exploring Mission District. It has San Francisco’s best street murals like the Clarion Alley Mural!
      Not really a park for kids, though. A lot of young people enjoying a few drinks and also smoking.
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San Francisco has so many beautiful views, the previously mentioned Land’s End Labyrinth could also easily make a spot on the lookouts section to be honest.

    • As almost any big city, you’ll find “the” lookout. In SF it would be Twin Peaks. You can simply take an Uber¬†(or Lyft, both are super cheao in the city of startups…) to the parking lot and then easily “climb” up the rest. ¬†You get a beautiful view over the whole city

    • It does not only give you beautiful views over the Golden Gate Bridge, but¬†also¬†the Bay Bridge – which is much more interesting at night, than the Golden Gate Bridge!
      While the Coit Tower itself is not that spectacular during the day. It is definitely worth day visit at night, it gets lit up in different colours every night!

      While the entry to the tower is free, taking the elevator up will cost you. We recommend to visit their website and prebook to skip the queues!
      Definitely worth the 360¬į view!
Back to top¬†‚ÜĎ


San Francisco is an awesome place to have great food. It’s expensive, but definitely healthy. Whatever new trend is going on, it probably started in San Francisco. Like all the avocado thing that is going around at the moment.

Here are some of the best, combining it with a bit of sightseeing as well:

    • Go explore the marketplace together with the locals on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The stalls offer a huge range of produces from 75 regional farmers until 2pm. Chocolate, cheese, fruits… name it – you get it.

      PLUS: It’s also one of San Francisco’s famous sights.

    • It’s all about coffee and delicious pastries – the old fashioned way. We recommend going for a Banana Cream Tart or a hot pressed sandwich.

      Since they’re so popular, you should get there right before they open at 7:30am to avoid the crowds. The queue moves quite fast though. Still – who got time to stand in line?

      EXTRA: Around 4:15 pm they start selling freshly made bread. Get in line! ūüėČ

      Back to top¬†‚ÜĎ
    • Be prepared to queue. But they do have the best pizza in town. You can leave them your number, grab a beer somewhere else and pick up your pizza when called, though! If you want it a bit faster, you can order at their “Slice House” for take away.

    • Where the best ice cream place is probably a never ending debate. Here a two great places.

      Smitten Ice Cream makes its ice cream with liquid nitrogen which will give you an extra velvety texture! They have multiple locations all over San Francisco. Go check out their website to find the nearest to you!

      Bi-Rite Creamery¬†is amazing. The I like it is that they have some really unique flavours! You can try Earl Grey, Honey Lavender or Ricanelas.¬†Of course they also have some classics and if you’re feeling curious but not overly adventurous, go for their Salted Caramel. Always a good decision.

There are just so many delicious food places, I probably could will dedicate a whole post just to “Where to eat in San Francisco”. Stay tuned!

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Safe Travels!

What To Do In Vegas?

One of the most googled questions of 2016 was¬†“What to do in Vegas?”. Since I was there just last year, let me tell you about what you should definitely do!

Let’s start with the “clich√©” things to do while in Vegas.


If you’re in Vegas you’ll want to take a picture with the iconic “Welcome to¬†fabulous Las Vegas” sign.

Other things include:

1. The Strip
Which basically means the main boulevard. It¬†has all the hotels and casinos along it. This is where everything happens, so you won’t get around it anyway… ūüėČ

2. The Stratosphere Tower
It’s a hotel and casino on the northern end of The Strip. It is also the US’ tallest free standing observation tower. It hosts loads of fun activities!

3. The Hangover Wedding Chapel
If you’re into movies, you’ll want to check out where Hangover was filmed. In fact there is no¬†real¬†building for it. It’s a fake front attached to the building of the Hostel Cat. (Which I can¬†highly recommend, since it’s where I stayed in Vegas. Awesome people!)

4. Head To DTLV
ownTown Las Vegas ūüėČ
It is just north of the strip. It’s the historical townside and where the actual gambling district used to be, before The Strip took over. You’ll find plenty of things to do by just strolling around. Museums, Art, Bars and much more.

My recommendation

Stroll around the Container Park. It’s packed with restaurants, shopping opportunities and entertainment for the whole family.


While going to the Casinos in the evening gets you this Ocean’s 11 feeling, I recommend to just take the whole day to explore your favourite ones.

Of course covering the top 10 (in no particular order):

  1. The Wynn Las Vegas
  2. Mandalay Bay
  3. Bellagio
  4. Santa Fe Station
  5. MGM Grand
  6. South Point
  7. Aria
  8. Caesar’s Palace
  9. Paris Hotel
  10. Venetian

But be warned – it takes muuuch longer than you’d expect and the buildings are further away then they might seem! (More on that in my story time video at the end…)

My recommendations

  1. Go to the Venetian for a pool party! That’s definitely a fun experience and you’ll get to see the casino from a totally different perspective! You can even get in for free if you preregister through this website.
  2. Go shopping in the Forum Shops at Caesar’s. Upstairs definitely a very luxurious experience. Downstairs you’ll feel like strolling through Italy! And no matter what time it is – there it’s always day time!


Going on a great night out is a must in Vegas. Or “out out” as we girls would say…

Again, I can highly recommend No Cover Night Clubs, because they can get you pretty good deals for getting into clubs! Even putting you on guest lists for some special events or tables with bottle service in clubs. Just email them and let them know where you want to go!

I personally really liked The Light nightclub in the Mandalay Bay Casino. I don’t think any words would do it justice. So just check out the pictures and let me tell you that it was a fun night¬†“out out”¬†. The girls I met through the hostel and then went to this club together, we are still in touch and keep talking about¬†that night out!


You’re going to Vegas! Be different! How about joining the circus?

1. Cirque Du Soleil Tour
Unless you’re really flexible and can do some crazy back flips, you probably won’t be able to actually join the circus…¬†But¬†you can go on an insider tour through the whole production worth¬†$165 million.¬†The¬†KA Theatre in the MGM Grand opens its doors to the public every Tuesday from¬†11am.¬†

2. Find The Golden Nugget
The biggest golden nugget “The Hand of Faith”¬†is obviously to be found in Vegas. Where else would it be? It was found in 1980 in Australia and weighs whopping 27.6 kg (61 pounds). Head to the Gold Tower hotel lobby!

3. Zipline Through Downtown Las Vegas
You can fly through Las Vegas in a Superman-like manner if you dare to. Go to SlotZilla¬†and opt for either the lower “Zipline” in 23m height (77 feet) or the upper “Zoomline” on 35m (114 feet), which is a 10 stories building.

4. Get Free Pancakes
In order to get free pancakes you might have to get married first, though…

Denny’s Wedding Chapel offers different wedding packages. One of them includes a cake made of pancakes! But if you’re not ready yet, you can head over there between 4 and 10pm – kids eat free around this time.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! ūüėČ

Any suggestions on what to add? Send me an email!
Safe travels!

The Impact Of Tourism

Tourism is great. It brings a lot of benefits – economically and socially. Especially in developing countries it can have a major impact and be one of the main sources of income.

Think of remote islands like the British Virgin Islands for example. Almost half of their national income is generated by tourism. But tourism has to be sustainable in order to be good. To achieve that it has to be carefully managed.


  • Job creation
  • New business opportunities
  • Airport and hotel taxes
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Preservation of cultural traditions
  • Global awareness
  • Conservation of wildlife and natural resources


  • Jobs often only seasonal and poorly paid
  • Infrastructure costs
  • Rising prices of goods and services
  • Money often goes to non-local big companies
  • Damage of natural environment
  • Visitor behaviour or mass tourisms can¬†be damaging

New jobs – really that good?

Creating new jobs for locals is one of the upsides of tourism. At the same time, most of these jobs are poorly paid and often just seasonal. Of course it also opens possibilities for new small businesses. But truth is, that a lot of the money goes to big non-local companies.

Improving infrastructure

Infrastructure vs environment

In order to attract tourists many countries, especially developing countries have to improve their infrastructure. Which obviously is a very good thing for the locals. But the government has to bear the costs, which ultimately leads back to the taxes the locals have to pay. Another point is, that infrastructure can also damage the natural environment and endanger the wildlife.

Cultural traditions – for what price?

It’s great that locals are able to sell their products for better prices, since the tourists are often wealthier than them. It also helps to preserve cultural traditions, since tourists like to see traditional dances, eat traditional food and buy local souvenirs. Unfortunately the increased prices for goods and services are oftentimes not payable by locals themselves. Which leads to a very expensive cost of living for them.


Raising awareness

At the same time tourism creates these problems, it also raises awareness for them. Living in the age of social media, tourists are quick posting about rural poverty and fellow travellers littering at the beach.

The pros and cons of tourism are quite balanced. Countries just need to focus on keeping the tourism as sustainable as possible. This way all sides can benefit from it and enjoy the holidays.

Safe travels!


Some places in this world seem to crazy to be real. We’ve put together some of the most surreal places for you. Clicking on an image will lead you to the full article about that place.

The Most Surreal Places On Earth

If you have more suggestions for this list, please leave it in the comments below or get in touch with us!


Avatar Hallelujah Mountains | Zhangjiajie | China

If you’re a fan of the movie Avatar and want to see the Hallelujah Mountains in real life, you have to visit China.

Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, China and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage and the film set for the movie Avatar. But the park is huge and has so much more to offer than this.



Obviously the landscape. This is already more than rewarding to see and totally worth the visit. But furthermore we challenge the brave ones amongst you to cross the glass bridge. It is 430 meters long, 6 meters wide and in 300 meters height… Shouldn’t this be enough, you can still go bungee jumping for the extra adrenaline rush.

Don’t forget to take a raincoat and umbrella. It tends to rain a lot especially in summer!


  • Bad weather conditions can lead to¬†closure of the bridge
  • Only¬†600 people are allowed on the bridge
  • Wallets and mobiles are only allowed in¬†suitable cases


At the moment the prices are approximately 118 Yuan for the Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area and 138 Yuan for Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge.

*Edit: The bridge has closed for now, due to overwhelming demand.